Bob Medeiros Memorial Professional Latin Medal

We are both proud and honored to present the Bob Medeiros Memorial Professional Latin Medal in Bob Medeiros’ hometown, Boston. The trophy itself has been specially created here in Boston, using a medal won by Bob Medeiros & Sheryn Hawkins at the Imperial Championships in 1969 where they were the winning couple.

About Bobby Medeiros
July 23, 1938 - May 12, 1993

“Bob Medeiros” is a truly iconic name in the ballroom dance industry, synonymous with authentic Latin American dancing and his trademark phrase “Go down, deep and dirty!” Bob Medeiros was the first “official” United States Latin Champion, winning at the inaugural USBC in 1971 with partner, Sheryn Hawkins.  He later went on to become a professional World Latin Finalist, dancing with Linda Dean, but more than his competition success, it was his unique understanding of the Latin dance idiom that has kept his name in the dance public’s awareness more than 10 years after his untimely death. Bob grew up in Boston where he frequented the area’s Latin clubs and danced in Latin reviews long before becoming associated with “competition style” dancing. The popular “Mambo Mania” shows of the 1980’s he performed with Sam Sodano, Ron Montez and others, were based on these reviews from Bob’s past.  His association with international dance celebrity, Walter Laird, created many of the Latin trends we see still in use today.  Throughout his life and until the end, Bob was one of the most sought out coaches in the world traveling and teaching throughout the USA and Europe – everyone wanted the “authentic Latin” that few others could lay claim to in the same way.

2016 Winner Justinas Duknauskas & Anna Kovalova


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