City of Boston Proclamation

DBDC has received an official announcement of our event from the Mayor of Boston!

Martin J. Walsh, Mayor of the City of Boston proclaims July 25-28, 2019  DBDC ~ A Legendary Celebration Ballroom Dance Weekend!!!!

The Swans....

The saga continues, our black swan has been in a delusional state as he has not seen his white swan for quite some time! What is he to do..... watch the latest installment of our DBDC Swan series to see what has come of the Black Swan.

The Swans at the Boston Public Gardens

Ohh, what could they be up to in the Boston Public Gardens...have they found the Swan Boats!!!!!

The Swans arrive at the Hotel....

But which hotel have they arrived at...

The Swans Try to Get a Job?

Don't they know they are needed somewhere? Why on earth would they be looking for a JOB?


DBDC ~ A Legendary Celebration
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