Rules & Regulations

  1. Ready to Dance
    Competitors and Professionals should be dressed and ready to dance in the ballroom 30 minutes prior to their event
  2. NDCA Rules
    All person attending the Philadelphia Festival, whether as Spectators, Competitors, or Guests of Officials, shall be bound by the NDCA rules, and by participating in the events are automatically obliged to adhere to them.
  3. Full Payment by Deadline
    All completed forms and full payment must be received by the early bird deadline,. Payments must accompany entries. There will be a $40.00 charge for all returned checks.
  4. All Fees Must be Paid Before Competing
    Competition reserves the right to refuse entries if prior competitions or entries remain unpaid. Payments should be taken to Registration prior to entering the Ballroom.
  5. Program Changes
    No program changes or corrections will be taken once session begins. Changes made at the competition, through no fault of the Organizers, will not qualify for teacher’s points or all-around winners.
  6. Insufficient Entries
    All categories and events are subject to a reasonable registration and the Organizers reserve the right to combine, merge or cancel any heats or events with insufficient entries. We reserve the right to cancel any Scholarship with less than 5 entries and to make payment vouchers in lieu of cash rewards. Pro-Am Scholarship Events require 5 single dance entries to qualify.
  7. Age Category
    In Pro/Am Single Dances, a student may enter a younger age category in addition to their normal age division, but not an older one.
  8. Registration
    All Amateur couples must be registered with the NDCA if dancing in the Amateur competition. Amateur registration must be for 2024.
  9. Closed Divisions
    Will be invigilated to ensure that the proper figures are used. The flagrant use of incorrect figures will result in a markdown of placement or disqualification.
  10. Newcomer and Pre-Bronze
    Are considered part of the Bronze 1 Division and may compete up to Full Bronze.
  11. In Pre-Bronze and Bronze 1 Divisions
    First place winners from last year’s competition, must move up to the next level in any dance that had three or more couples competing.
  12. Teachers May Not Enter Two Students in the Same Category
  13. The Chairman of Judges Shall be Responsible for Decisions
    Concerning ties or any problem arising over marks. Any questions or discrepancy of results are to be addressed immediately after the results of the event are given. The decision of the Chairman shall be final.
  14. General Admission
    Non-Package holders, competing or watching, will be required to purchase General Admission Tickets. All Ticket Sales are Final.
  15. Loss or Theft
    No responsibility for the loss or theft of personal belongings can be accepted by the Organizers, NDCA, or the Hotel, nor can they be liable for any injuries to any parties sustained while attending the Philadelphia Festival Dancesport Inc. and its organizers for any and/or all occurrences during the competition.
  16. Dress/Costuming
    If in the opinion of the Organizers, a costume is deemed inappropriate, the Competitor will have the option of changing or withdrawing from the competition. The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any competitor who fails to rectify a costume warning.
  17. Video Filming
    Because of NDCA rules, video taping or filming will NOT be allowed; however, a professional video production company will be present to video your dancing.
  18. Refunds/Cancellations
    Junior/Youth events: No entries will be refunded for changes/cancellations made after deadline – changes and cancellations must be made prior to the deadline of the event. There will be a change fee for changes made the day of the event of $10.00. No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than ten (10) days prior to the competition. Refunds will be made within sixty (60) days following the competition on those cancellations received in writing ten (10) days prior to the competition. No refunds or exchanges can be made on plaques, trophies, workshop admission tickets, or general admission tickets. Hotel Package cancellations credits are subject to a surcharge if cancelled less than seven (7) days prior to the event. Westin requires a 48-hour notice for the cancellation of rooms, and rooms not cancelled will be billed to the studio or competitor and are not the responsibility of the Philadelphia DanceSport Championships. Rooms booked after hotel-deadline may be subject to additional room rates, in accordance with Westin Hotel rates.
  19. Awards
    Vouchers will be given for payment of all cash awards, and the completed voucher must be submitted for payment of all cash awards. ALL VOUCHERS ARE TO BE PRESENTED FOR PAYMENT IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR EVENT. Completed voucher information is required to receive payment of cash awards.
  20. Organizer Reserves the Right to Reduce Cash Awards by 50%
    If the minimum number of couples is not present, and in the Scholarship events, give vouchers instead of cash awards, if the minimum of couples is not present.

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